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Proudly serving Glens Falls, Saratoga, Queensbury and all of upstate New York and beyond since 1992, North Country Guitar has gone from humble beginnings from exclusively dealing with pianos and keyboards, to being a comprehensive one stop shop for music students and professional musicians alike. The store features a vast array of guitars and bass guitars - both acoustic and electric, drums, amplifiers, sound reinforcement and a full array of accessories and music books. There are also band instrument and guitar repair services as well as lessons, rentals and just about anything to do with musical instruments.

Lesson Programs
Whether you are looking to begin your musical journey, or are already on the path and are looking for guidance, North Country Guitar has the best guitar, electric bass, vocal and drum kit teachers in the area at the BEST price!

North Country Guitar, as should be expected, carries a host of guitars and basses from many manufacturers, including Fender, G&L, Jackson, Washburn, Dean, Gretsch, and the affordable, quality Stagg lines.

Drums and Accessories
Check out our drum area, with plenty of options for both percussionists and kit drummers alike. We carry Mapex and the affordable Rockwood lines, Gibraltar hardware, Evans and Attack drumheads, multitudes of cymbals and hand drums, as well as a large assortment of drumsticks.

North Country Guitar carries some of the finest in Casio and Yamaha digital pianos. Come on in and try one out!

Sound Reinforcement
You can find what you need for your PA here - mains, monitors, power amps, soundboards, rackmount cases, outboard rack-mounted effects, and more.

Tired of the same old sound from your single coil Strat? Upgrade to a humbucker, install a coil-tap, or have our experienced technician make any sort of other modifications to your liking.

LED lighting technology is here, and you'll know it when you walk into our store. Super bright, long life, low energy consumption and very little heat add up to great value. Come check it out for yourself, as well as all the other lighting options we have available!

Busted A string? Don't worry, we carry an assortment of strings to be reckoned with! Including D'Addario, DR, GHS, Ernie Ball, Elixir and more, many different gauges and coated strings are available! We also carry orchestral strings.

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